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Family Friendly Story Books for All Ages

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Who We Are
At we want you to feel like you’re walking into the corner store in town and purchasing your materials from people you know and trust. During regular business hours we have real people answering the phones and helping you with your questions and orders. We have full contact information on the “Contact Us ”page which includes our phone number and email forms to aid you in getting answers.

Christian Publishing and Distribution since 1974

Family-Friendly Reading for all ages

Education in the Shadow of the Cross

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Great Books,
Great Service,
& Great Prices!

At we offer the best children's books for all ages and interests, all at discounted prices. And if you have a problem, which we work hard to make sure you don't, you can call us at 1-810-714-1672 and speak with a real person.

I hesitate to say that we have cheap childrens books because the cheap is only referring to our selling price. Our books are hand picked to be the best children's books available! Whether you are looking for a fiction story book, a short story book, or a toddler story book, you will find the best children's story books and best authors and best publishers at:
What We Offer offers the best children's books for all ages and interests, all at discounted prices to help you keep within your budget. Our slogan Family-Friendly Reading highlights our commitment to provide quality books with Christian Values and No Surprises. Our goal is not to provide any and every book, but rather books that are interesting, uplifting, and have a purpose. We evaluate products in terms of quality, educational impact, comprehensiveness, cost effectiveness, specific needs being met, overall value, and compatibility with Biblical truth. Some of our most popular children's books include: children's picture books, realistic fiction books, and kids mystery books.

Are you looking for some fun reading for your children to motivate them to read? Perhaps a short story book or a toddler story book. Or possibly just some plain ol' fun kids books, or children's picture books, or fiction story books.

Maybe you are looking for a series to get you child started in; perhaps a guided reading book. We also have story reader books and many popular childrens books such as Lee Roddy's Ladd Family Adventure Series.

Looking for a Christian childrens book? We carry books from many Christian publishers, but we also carry the popular childrens books that are 'Christian-Friendly' from many secular publishers. You will be able to tell if the publisher has a Christian ministry because we put a cross † next to their names on the product detail page.

We know that you will be pleased as you browse our website.

Family-Friendly Reading for all ages

Other Helpful Information
Our goal is to give you as much information as we can so that you know exactly what to expect “up-front,” yet make it easy for you to navigate through our web pages. You can click on the "Questions" button on the top menu bar at the top of the page, right under our name, to find information such as shipping costs, payment methods, return policy, privacy policy, how to cancel an order, how to find the status of a placed order, and more.

If you can't find the information that you are looking for online you can click on the "Contact Us" button on the top menu bar and you will find our phone number and our hours. You can even send us a message through our contact forms. We are available multiple ways to answer your questions and service your needs.

Family-Friendly Reading for all ages
How to Find Materials
We know it can be overwhelming to search through all the possible products, so we have categorized our products in several ways. First, you can search by the age of your child by clicking on the appropriate "Age Group" on the left side of each page. These general age categories are further divided into common topics. For example, when you click on “Infant/Toddler,” you will find the topics of: Animal, Bible Stories, Bible/Devotionals, Board Books, Picture Books, Rhyming Books, and Special Occasion.

When you click on one of these topics, all the products that fit that topic are listed in alphabetical order of the Title, but can also be sorted by Item Number, Age Range, and Price by clicking on the heading of each column. Each entry includes a picture of the item, the item number, appropriate age range, and both the list price and our discounted price.

By clicking on the picture or title, you can get a full description of the product. These descriptions tell you what the story is about, the number of pages, and any special notes about the product. We try to make these descriptions as practical as possible - we don’t just rely on “sales copy.” In many cases, we offer additional tips for parents that have specific concerns such as content that may upset little ones.

By clicking on the “Series Notes,” you can get information about the publisher’s program and how the series is designed.

Our “Advanced Search” lets you find products by age, publisher, author, title, subject, price – all sorts of search criteria. All Christian publishers are marked with a cross by the name so you can easily identify them. When you search, you won’t be bombarded with anything and everything that remotely matches your search. We have a highly sophisticated search tool that limits the results to only those criteria you selected. The list comes up in alphabetical order by Title – not by the most expensive items first – so you can easily find what you are looking for. Remember that you can change the order of the list by clicking on the underlined heading of a column.